8-12 April 2013


This workshop was offered in the framework of the Adriart project, as a combined Module DIP/ TIP  Responsive Art in the Public Realm offered by the Institute of Architecture and Media and the Institute of Contemporary Art of the TU Graz focuses on the realization of Intermedia/ Transmedia Art within the public sphere of Styria. The aim is to combine abstract/theoretical criticism, technical/technological skills, project development/ management and realization/ documentation of the work in an applied manner. On this pilot project for 2013, the participating students were invited to develop experiments on participation for the BIX façade of the Kunsthaus. Four interactive performance pieces transformed the city surface by adding sensible discourses and refreshing the spatial relations with the context around the friendly alien. 



Students Arnold Verderber, Emina Kefelja, Lavoslava Bencic, Liberta Mišan, Marleen Leitner, Mark Bizilj, Mia Vucemilovic, Michael Tasch, Polona Zupan, Sara Salamon

Concept and coordination Daniela Brasil (IZK) and Richard Dank (IAM)

Guest Mentor Nayari Castillo

Visiting teachers Miljana Babic, Peter Purg, Rene Rusjan, Tomislav Brajnovic

Technical assistance Patricia Wess (IZK), Jacob Wegerer, Thomas Diewald(IAM)

Special thanks to Andreas Graff, John Dekron, Günther Paltauf, Katrin Bucher Trantow


download full documentation here