BUILDING RAINBOWS - or notations for experiments on natural phenomena

Can human dwelling be seen as a manipulation of climate-conditions in a micro-scale?

We are all responsible for “climate change",  both from the places we live in and of the entire world. The more we hear about it, the more we fell overwhelmed with all its meaning and implications. To fully understand that we are part of an intrinsically and highly complex system is not an easy task, yet essential and necessary. 

In this course we will investigate natural phenomena focusing from its intertwinedness, from their beauty and physicality  to their effects and potential. Through different revealing exercises around notions on change and time passing within natural phenomena, the boundaries between art and science will be explored; letting us to rethink the way we interpret and use our environments. The main goal is to conceive and develop devices and/or to create installations that somehow try to manipulate,alter,emulate or re-dimensionate micro-climate conditions - in a cheerful and playful way!



> bring a log book that will accompany you throughout the semester 

> being obsessive is a basic requirement!