Homesphere - Denis Mavric, Nina Zimmermann, Tamara Tokic
Cloud - Lisa Horvath, Monika Rajkovaca, Valerié Wolfgang
Float - Ana Sabolic, Laura-Nefeli Chromecek, Liberta Mišan


7 - 16 MAY 2014


This workshop was offered in the framework of the Adriart project, as a combined Module DIP/ TIP  Responsive Art in the Public Realm offered by the Institute of Architecture and Media and the Institute of Contemporary Art of the TU Graz focuses on the realization of Intermedia/ Transmedia Art within the public sphere of Styria. For this year, there was a special collaborative framewor, which is the Sysson exhibition in Forum Stadtpark in November 2014.

The Institute of Electronic Music - Kunst Uni Graz is developing a research project that aims to systematically sonify climate data. Their research offered the content and the context for the course. The task was thus to develop an interactive artistic piece to interact and modulate the sound composition developed by the Sysson project to the space of the Forum Stadtpark in Graz. One out of 3 works was chosen to be mounted, and the other 2 will be shown in documentation format.

Students Ana Sabolic, Denis Mavric, Laura-Nefeli Chromecek, Liberta Mišan, Lisa Horvath, Monika Rajkovaca, Nina Zimmermann, Tamara Tokic, Valerija Zabret aka Valerié Wolf Gang
Concept and coordination Daniela Brasil (IZK), Richard Dank (IAM)
Guest Mentor Nayari Castillo
Technical Assistance Helene Thümmel (IZK), Jacob Wegerer, Mateusz Pankiewicz (IAM)

Invited teachers Sysson - Hanns Holger Rutz, Katharina Vogt, Visda Goudarzi (IEM)
Invited artists - Unlearning retreat - Catherine Grau and Zoe Kreye