Künstlerische Gestaltung 2 - Gruppe Brasil

Creleisure* - towards another economy of creativity and time.





documentation text:


In the course "Artistic Design" throughout this winter semester, we have explored other forms of knowledge exchange in spaces out of the classroom. Inspired by the concept of "Creleisure" as posed by Helio Oiticica in the 1970s, we have experimented with the merging of creation and leisure as a way of bringing art and life together, at the same time as critically investigating the capitalist divisions between work (study) time and free time.

Our meetings became playful forms of human interaction and of artistic investigations. They have tested out and expanded some frontiers, as subjective perceptions within the group, or objective (i)limitations of behaviour in spaces with defined regulations... Students have registered these experiences as intense moments or have critically portrait them in personal diaries and notebooks. We would be happy to show and discuss them with you!


20/01/14 17:00
Afro-Asiatisches Institut, Foyer
Leechgasse, 24 Graz


conducted by Daniela Brasil and Michael Tasch




introduction text:


During the 60s, due to the political disquietness, many different counter-movements emerged in the artistic field worldwide. They questioned elitist views of art and their commercial character; they criticised the "society of the spectacle" (Debord), proposing to merge art and life within the creation of situations and happenings. They sought for moments of intensity -  as a form of empowerment and criticality. One of these counter-movements happened in Brazil, where Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica initiated a series of works which would include the public as a central and determining part of it. The materiality of the art work was not their main concern, instead the creation of a strong moment to be lived, together with the incorporation of bodily interactions and subjective responses into the "object of art". These participatory works were called vivências - or "lived experiences", and became very influential for following generations in Brazil and beyond.


This semester we will examine these movements and related works throughout the last 50 years, where an inherent  playful character can be easily acknowledged. In this sense, the title Creleisure (create with leisure)* proposes exactly what it states: students are invited to mix the concepts of work and leisure, by conceiving, designing and living pleasant moments. In the classroom and outside of it. Yet, a very important task will follow us during the enjoyable moments: to keep record of the experience. Every student is requested to bring a notebook and use it as a "KG 2 Diary", which should include drawings, collages and written critical reflexions (selected literature will be provided as supportive material). The final exhibition will grow out of your records in the form of art books.


* concept created by Hello Oiticica and that became transversal to his body of work. It proposes to involve pleasure in the moment of creation and of reception of the artistic piece as a way of eliminating the capitalist division between leisure and labor times. 

** in Hélio Oiticica, exhibition catalogue, Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris; Projeto Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro; Witte de With, Center of Contemporary Art, Rotterdam; et.al. 1992, pp.132-138.



This class will be conducted by Daniela Brasil with the cheerful collaboration of Michael Tasch. Good mood and risk-taking engagement of all participants is expected.