Multimedia institute (net.culture club MaMa)

Multimedijalni institut (MI2) is a non-profit association working at the intersections of culture, arts, technology and activism. Since its early days it has organized around a multi-facetted community that weaves together interests in diverse cultural and social fields: 1) critically inflected digital arts, film, music and literature; 2) digital commons: free software, free culture and open access; 3) philosophy and theory; 4) cultural networking, advocacy and grass-root organizing; 5) protection of public domain and struggles for spatial justice.

Locally it is mostly identified with the social and cultural center MaMa in Zagreb, where it’s organizing cutting-edge cultural, educational and technology programs, hosting a local hacker community and providing an open venue for other cultural initiatives. But it is also the co-organizer of Human Rights Film Festival, electronic music events, publishing activities and the Croatian localizer of Creative Commons licenses.

MI2 is a catalyst for cultural collaboration and grassroots political activism both locally and throughout the former Yugoslav region. In early 2000s it was instrumental in initiating the Clubture network and a number of other cultural policy initiatives. In the latter part of 2000s it was part of the alliance that initiated the Right to the City Zagreb, which it still supports. It has also helped initiate and support the series of un-conferences “Nothing will happen“, bringigt together hackers from throughout the former Yugoslav countries and beyond.

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