Flowers (Not) Worthy of Paradise, Course
Infrastructures of Unlearning: Investigating the Futures Past, Course
Epistemic Injustice, Course
David Frohnapfel - Alleviative Objects: Solidarity & Conflict in the Art World of Port-au-Prince, Event
Trembling Streets: Investigative Materialities in an Apocalyptic World, Course
Incarceratedly Yours, Course
HOME WORK. On Artistic Practice During the Plague Years, Course
Through the Looking Glass, the Realities We Found There, Course
Unlearning Photography, Course
Nina Valerie Kolowratnik - The Language of Secret Proof: Indigenous Truth and Representation, Event
Digging Deeper, Course
Invitation: Ariella Aïsha Azoulay and Wayne Modest at Annenstrasse 53, Event
Job Vacancy: Study Assistants, Event
Nothing Easier Than to Imagine a Four-Dimensional Cube!, Course
Annenstraße 53: Opening Statement – sequence 1 , Making Teaching Public
Annenstraße 53: Making Teaching Public, Exhibiting
Thresholds of Opacity and Legibility: Manifesting, Redefining and Eroding Forms, Course
Mind the Gap - Award for Philipp Sattler, Event
book as an object of potential history
Objects of History, Course