Curatorial Design: A Place Between, Public Conference at the Canadian Centre for Architecture Montréal, Event
The Fourth Wall (To Build a Home), Course
Time Crystals, Rock, Stone and Mud, Course
LOADING TERMINAL - Poetry reading and conversation, Event
The Measure of Land, Course
In Search of Movement, Course
How Does One Get to Own a Mountain?, Course
Another World, Another Aesthetics, Course
Life of Crops: Soil as Archive, Course
Mirjana (Boba) Stojadinović, lecturers
Rehearsals, Course
Visual Cacophony: Photography as a Designing Device, Course
Annenstrasse 53,, Making Teaching Public
Photography as a Document, Course
Art Documentation in the Age of Digital Media, Course
Bordering Forms, Course
Tracing Aflenz. A Topography of Procedures, Course
Revealing the Work of Art, Course