David Frohnapfel - Alleviative Objects: Solidarity & Conflict in the Art World of Port-au-Prince, Event
Marcell Mars - Distributed Resources versus Distributed Tech, Lecture
Infrastructures of Unlearning: Investigating the Futures Past, Course
Unlearning Photography, Course
Nina Valerie Kolowratnik - The Language of Secret Proof: Indigenous Truth and Representation, Event
Through the Looking Glass, the Realities We Found There, Course
Incarceratedly Yours, Course
HOME WORK. On Artistic Practice During the Plague Years, Course
Trembling Streets: Investigative Materialities in an Apocalyptic World, Course
Call for Papers: Incomputable Earth—Digital Technologies and the Anthropocene, News
Trembling Streets - A Guided Tour, Event
Epistemic Injustice, Course
Poetics of Unlearning, Event
Secret Proof, Exhibiting
The European Dream, Event
Flowers (Not) Worthy of Paradise, Course
Digging Deeper, Course
Annenstraße 53: Opening Statement – sequence 1 , Making Teaching Public
Semmering - Land, Property, and Commons, Event