Annenstrasse 53, Sequence 5: Free Cinema

Poster by Ziga Testen

Poster by Ziga Testen



We are delighted to invite you to Free Cinema at Annenstrasse 53,. Free Cinema takes place in March 2022 as two lectures by Pavle Levi and Nikolaus Perneczky and screenings of films by Nii-Kwate Owoo, Onyeka Igwe, Assia Djebar and Mohamed Bourouissa.
Free Cinema opens a space to think with experimental film practices. This iteration, Sequence V, investigates cinema as an object of colonial plunder, within ongoing debates on restitution, as a means to explore the architectures of memory and forgetting and the gaps within archives, and as an ideology producing apparatus.
Free Cinema is part of the exhibition at Annenstrasse 53, which includes works by students of the IZK course, Questions from an architect who reads. A students’ inquiry!


Free Cinema screenings - 15 March, 18:00, at Annenstrasse 53,
You Hide Me, 1970, 16’
Nii-Kwate Owoo
a so-called archive, 2020, 19’
Onyeka Igwe
Free Cinema, lecture and discussion - 21 March, 18:00 CET
Cut Ups: First Blood, Impure Film
Pavle Levi
Hybrid: Annenstrasse 53, and online
Free Cinema screenings - 28 March, 18:00, Annenstrasse 53,
La Zerda ou les chants de l’oubli (Zerda or the Songs of Forgetting)
, 1982, 60’
Assia Djebar
The Whispering of ghosts, 2018 13’ 21”
Mohamed Bourouissa
Free Cinema, lecture and discussion - 29 March, 18:00 CET
Restitution and the Moving Image or, How to Decolonise Global Film Heritage
Nikolaus Perneczky
Hybrid: Annenstraße 53, and online



The project Annenstrasse 53, run by Das Gesellschaftliche Ding. Kunst, Architektur und Öffentlichkeit, is part of the KUNSTRAUM STEIERMARK fellowship programme of Land Steiermark and supported by steirischer herbst, Land Steiermark, Abteilung 9 Kultur, Europa, Sport, and the City of Graz, Kulturamt.

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Annenstrasse 53, Sequence 5: Free Cinema