Winter Semester 2022/2023

In Search of Movement

Another World, Another Aesthetics

How Does One Get to Own a Mountain?

The Measure of Land

Time Crystals, Rock, Stone and Mud

The Fourth Wall (To Build a Home)

Branislav Dimitrijević - Indeterminate Certainty, Determinate Uncertainty: Robert Smithson and the Geological Turn

HOW ON EARTH?! Exhibition within the 59th October Salon

How Does One Get to Own a Mountain? Fieldwork public programme

Marina Vishmidt - Entropy and Atrophy: Non-Identity in Non-Essential Infrastructure

Jackqueline Frost, The Rumor of the Earth: Nuclear Imperialism and Caribbean Ecology



Summer Semester 2023

Atoms at Work. On Art-based Research as Praxis


Listen to Dreams in Strange Colors. Film as Architectural practice

Lessons In Darkness, Silver Salts and the Lightest Metal

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House. Forms of Feminist Praxis

When The Dust Unsettles

IZK Research Days

Winter Semester 2021/2022

Why Have There Been No Great Women Architects?


Questions from an architect who reads. A students’ inquiry!

Cloud Seeds

Lecture - Łukasz Stanek, From Eastern Europe to Africa: Women Architects in the Global Cold War

Winter Semester 2020/2021

VIDEO ESSAY - a video literacy

Nothing Easier Than to Imagine a Four-Dimensional Cube!

The (Ultimate) Norm and Its Relation to Colour Balance, Image Technologies and Cognitive Equity

Objects of History

Thresholds of Opacity and Legibility: Manifesting, Redefining and Eroding Forms

Annenstraße 53: Making Teaching Public

Invitation: Ariella Aïsha Azoulay and Wayne Modest at Annenstrasse 53,

Summer Semester 2021

Digging Deeper

Epistemic Injustice

Infrastructures of Unlearning: Investigating the Futures Past

HOME WORK. On Artistic Practice During the Plague Years

Unlearning Photography

Trembling Streets: Investigative Materialities in an Apocalyptic World

Flowers (Not) Worthy of Paradise

Incarceratedly Yours

Through the Looking Glass, the Realities We Found There

Job Vacancy: Study Assistants

Nina Valerie Kolowratnik - The Language of Secret Proof: Indigenous Truth and Representation

David Frohnapfel - Alleviative Objects: Solidarity & Conflict in the Art World of Port-au-Prince

The European Dream

Secret Proof

Poetics of Unlearning

Marcell Mars - Distributed Resources versus Distributed Tech

Trembling Streets - A Guided Tour

Semmering - Land, Property, and Commons

Summer Semester 2020

FARBENLEHRE: What Color Is the Sacred?

The Sublime Landscape and its Relation to Labour

On Stones, Plants, and Tools: the image of a resource

Exhibiting the Thing: A short history of thinking about the modes of display

Study Assistants

Winter Semester 2019/20

What Keeps You Awake? Urgency in Life and Art

Life of Crops: Towards an Investigative Memorialization

UMBRUCH. When objects are called to tell stories


Documenting Transformation

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

Death Drives and Coin Test China High-Speed Rail Videos, lecture performance by Ho Rui An

Landscapes of Post-History, lecture by Ross Exo Adams

WHAT KEEPS YOU AWAKE? Urgency in Life and Art

Prehistory of a Museum of Capitalism

Exhibiting Matters - Triangulation

Summer Semester 2019

Central Perspectives, lecture by Bas Princen

Across Disciplines: Visual and Sonic Practice

The Space of Art: Challenge of transdisciplinary knowledge production

The Means of Art. Spatial thinking and desire to create

In the Ruins of Deregulation

22520 Standards. – questions on economization in creative production procedures. 

FARBENLEHRE: What Color Is the Sacred?

A thing called Nature

Exhibition: In the Ruins of Deregulation - Thinking with Cinema Balkan

Sommerfest - Graz Open Architecture 19

Performance Now: „I don’t think I am trying to commit suicide“

Winter Semester 2018/19

what keeps the “friendly alien” alive? on maintenance and management of kunsthaus graz

From Performance to Video and Then Back Again: How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare

Digital Worker: Witnesses of a transformation

Engineering Fictions #3.18:
Computer Says No
by Jessica Foley

Diagram Reading Group
by Dennis McNulty

Logic Gate Session
by Tom O’Dea

ORIENTATIONS - Screening Program by Dennis McNulty, Bea McMahon and aemi

Unlearning Black Pete (and other states of coloniality), lecture by Annette Krauss

'Matters of Facts'
The Orthogonal Methods Group
in Conversation with
Dejan Markovic

The City and the City, Course

Hidden Curriculum, and other ways of hiding in plain sight

Sans Souci - Remembering Landscape

Summer Semester 2018


Workshop 2

Sites of Labour - Master Studio

Display Dark Energy

“Hot Iron” and “Hot Iron Marginalia”, lecture by Adrià Julià

HAUNTINGS IN THE ARCHIVE!, Screening and Q&A with Julia Wieger

A walk through the Zoo, lecture by Andrea Palašti

Tiny Objects of Survival, Lecture by Petar Milat

The Ethics of Plumbing, Ines Weizman in Conversation with Milica Tomic and Dubravka Sekulic

The Artistic Life of the Pioneer Plaque: The Exposure of Universal Humans, Spacecraft as Gallery, Cordially Meeting the Others… - Lecture by Jelena Vesic

Sommerfest - Graz Open Architecture 18

Reading Capital

Sans Souci- at Remembering Landscape

Exhibiting Matters - Exploring Other Formats

Winter Semester 2017/18

A Critical Construction Report, Graz 2017

The Imaginary School

(un)learning spaces


A hidden abode of art production

Returns of Knowledge(s): How Research Makes an Exhibition

Unlearning Classroom

The Open Secret of Exhibitions, Lecture by Vincent Normand

Returns of Knowledge(s) - exhibition

Linguistic Landscapes and Ideological Horizons

Pedagogy, Playgrounds and Pavilions by Nils Norman

From the Object to the Thing

What is Photography?

Take the Place with you - Public Presentation and Discussion

Summer Semester 2017

Visual and Sonic Practice

Let's Build a Library Together!
Workshop 2

Exhibiting as a Research Practice, A Case Study

Returns of Knowledge(s)

Unlearning Classroom

WAS WIR TUN, Camera Austria: an Investigation into the Institution

Let's Build a Library together with Grazer Kunstverein

into the Herbst archives

Sans Souci Exhibition - Malta Festival Poznan

Architectural Environment-Worlds, lecture by Hélène Frichot

Exhibiting the Thing: A short history of thinking about the modes of display

Beyond Socialist Modernism - “New Artistic Practice” in Yugoslavia in the Sixties and the Seventies

Post-Yugoslav Generation at the Unidentified Grave of “Yugoslavia”

What can the property relations tell us about the city?

Private Property, Privatisation and Other Crimes

Winter Semester 2016/17

New Graz Dinner Party


The Architecture of the Inhuman. A dialogue with machines



Sans Souci / Exhibition Opening & Performance

After the Post Internet & the Winter of AI


Unterwassergemurmel -
The Murmur of the Underworld.
Discussion about the artwork

Detroit Resists and Architecture in Resistance

Black and Blight, lecture by Andrew Herscher

Body Luggage

project House of Open Gates/ Narratives from the Arrival City. Steirischer Herbst 2016

Summer Semester 2016

Awaiting Reininghaus


Live Action: Creating Roles in Speculative Environments

From Roundabout to the Round Table


Memory of the World / Public Library

(Re)Naming Working Session 01

Violence at the Threshold of Detectability

Jochen Gerz – Working with the Public

Learning from Leaving Las Vegas

Winter Semester 2015/16

Lieber Maler, male mir… Conditions of Commissioning in Contemporary Art

Scientific Image: Revealing the Work of Art

Politics of Exposure: Common Research, Public Investigation

The Recondite Archive: In Search of a Form that Speaks

Artistic Interventions in Public Space

Public Session – The Recondite Archive. In Search of the Form that Speaks

Dieter Roth – Július Koller.
Distant Proximities?

Lecture: Returns of Knowledge

Film Screening: Alpi

Daniel Wetzel/Rimini Protokoll
One Archive: One document

Andrew Herscher
Humanitarian’s Housing Question

Workshop: In or Out of the Archive?

Andrew Herscher – The Counter-Monument

Workshop: The Appearance of That which Cannot be Seen

Summer Semester 2015

Knowledge Forms

The Living Archive: On Collecting, Classifying and Remembering in Contemporary Art

Life Drawing

Conference: Knowledge Forms and Forming Knowledge

Presentation: The Mother of All Nodal Points

Andrew Herscher
From the Politics of Memory to the Memory of Politics

Open Working Session: Limits and Horizons of Transdisciplinary Art-Based Research

Exhibition: The Living Archive

Unknown Avant-Garde, Lecture by Anna Artaker

Counter Memory and Publicness

Komuna Fundamento

IZK Artist Talk Series

IZK Theory Lecture Series