Let's Build a Library together with Grazer Kunstverein

 Alan Resnais Toute la mémoire du monde, 1956

Collections of books and printed matter, gathered spontaneously or following precise protocols, are integral part of each institution. In most cases, the collections within public and semi-public institutions, such as Grazer Kunstverein, are thought of as a necessary support structure for the development of the institution and not as infrastructure for the public. In a moment when access to knowledge gets increasingly restricted behind paywalls, and austerity measures are threatening both specialized and general public libraries, it is crucial to reconsider libraries in a broader context. This course will work with Grazer Kunstverein on a concept of how to build, maintain, and/or host a library from a critical perspective.
By working in smaller groups, students will focus on giving spatial form to each of the six specific collections, never forgetting that the six parts together make the library of Grazer Kunstverein.
In addition to working on a physical form for the library, students will in parallel explore the creation of an archive as a site of discursive production by collectively working on compiling The Lexicon of Fictional Architects, a project inspired by The Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists edited by Koen Brams and Krist Gruijthuijsen.
The course is a collaboration between IZK and Grazer Kunstverein.