Growing Trajectories


»Growing Trajectories« are taking place each semester involving different courses, lectures or workshops to contribute, problematise and develop central elements of the building of the Institute. The invited authors thus leave substantial contribution to the conceptual structure and infrastructure of the IZK didactic setting. Through learning from authors, whose practices relay a wide scope of experience in regard to different media and fields of expertise as well as applied working materials, IZK students are able to develop their artistic faculties and, at the same time, participate in the continuous process of institution-building itself.


Invited authors contribute to courses and workshops offered at IZK by providing input both conceptually and into the teaching programme, working towards the realisation of new elements and objectives of the institute. Their input may include a contribution to the library or the media centre on specific themes and topics, such as for instance the Public Sphere, Curatorial Design, Knowledge Forms. They also may develop elements of the Institutes' general identity by creating a typeface or design identity, by developing built interior spaces or furniture for IZK or by conceiving particular sections of the library.


The invited authors may also contribute with more abstract inputs: develop specific teaching methods and subjects or put forward different teaching tools and research fields. These multi-faceted contributions of artistic and theoretical practices, all stemming from the invited authors’ original practices, function as the basic "building blocks" to become constitutive elements and valuable learning tools for future IZK students.