academic program|Winter Semester 2021/2022

The IZK teaching program offers a range of courses across BA and MA levels. These include Artistic Practice 1 & 2 and Design of Specialized Topics for BA students. As introductory courses they give the students the opportunity to get to know the basic parameters of conceptualization, production and analysis of an artwork in contextual, creative and material terms. The courses offered to MA students include Art-based Investigation, Knowledge Forms, Art and the Social, as well as an Integral Design Studio. Additionally, IZK offers workshops open to both MA and BA students twice a year. The previously offered Life Drawing course has been replaced by the newly created course Visual and Sonic Practice.

For the full academic calendar of IZK check the TU Graz web portal.


academic program

Questions from an architect who reads. A students’ inquiry!

academic program

Cloud Seeds


academic program

Why Have There Been No Great Women Architects?

academic program