Knowledge Forms

Course number: 155.802

Concept: The course is building on the basic knowledge and experience that students have acquired during the bachelor degree program in courses such as Artistic Practice 1 and Artistic Practice 2. The course Knowledge Forms is centered around examining the idea of artistic research and experimenting with the methodology of group research and coalitional learning. By analyzing individual cases of artistic, spatial, and curatorial practices as well as different forms of research and learning, the course also introduces a discussion about methodology itself. Its focus  is on knowledge production by use of critical theory, radical imagination, transversal perception, political desire, and unexpected encounters as supportive methodological and epistemological approaches. Following considerate analysis of specific artistic and scientific practices, the students are working towards the development of mapping projects as shareable forms of knowledge, which may come out as mind maps, single images, cinematic objects, public interventions, open archives, collaborative mappings, or may consciously reroute such more visible or material forms entirely. This course is distinctly transdisciplinary and intended to be carried out in cooperation with other institutes of Graz University of Technology as well as other national and international institutions and organizations.