The Fourth Wall (To Build a Home)

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The notion of home is defined as a place where one lives and where one feels safe. In times of ecological crisis and permanent war, causing mass displacement and migration of peoples, this course aims to open a safe (intellectual) place, where each of us can consciously explore the limits, the roots, and the-negotiables of our ‘home’; and also quite literally – a home, a physical space that contains our material possessions and our memories. I propose that we will start with a simple (and the most complicated of all) question: where is your home – what is your personal ground-zero? From thereon, I propose to explore this notion and practice together. In this course, we will embark on a journey that will span intellectual, experiential and emotional curiosity, to consider the places that define us individually. By reading selected texts, going to places, focused listening, and finally delving into yourselves, you will be encouraged to develop an artwork that will bring together your experience and your questions, disambiguation, rejections, but also your love of the people and values that are crucial to you. Without pretences that a course can answer such a big question – you are invited to tackle these issues and see how your relation towards spaces of life and remembrance, changes.