Hidden Curriculum, and other ways of hiding in plain sight

The Hidden Curriculum (1973 edition)

The Hidden Curriculum (1973 edition)

A thinking-by-doing workshop.

The Hidden Curriculum project revolves within the realm of communication at the university, trying to address its blind spots, hidden niches, and mute practices that are contained within everyday routines at schools and universities. Departing from these rather general considerations and assumptions, the project tries to create a framework that encourages students to investigate aspects of a hidden curriculum in their specific school context. The recurring question posed in the project has been: how would you as a student of this specific learning environment try to investigate a hidden curriculum?  

This workshop questions how students understand, engage with, and ultimately investigate a so-called hidden curriculum in their specific everyday environments, in this case the Technical University in Graz.

Annette Krauss, together with her collaborators Ying Que and Svenja Engels, will introduce the long-term project Hidden Curriculum, and revisit key features of the concept, practices, and collaborations,and put these in relationship to practices of un/learning, knowledge economies, and decolonial trajectories.