'Matters of Facts'
The Orthogonal Methods Group
in Conversation with
Dejan Markovic

Join us on Wednesday 24 October at 7pm at Grazer Kunstverein for an evening of conversation with artists, researchers, thinkers and academics from the Orthogonal Methods Group (OMG), CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin, who have been invited to Graz by art-based research project The Incomputable, IZK Institute for Contemporary Art, Graz University of Technology.

OMG is an interdisciplinary research platform that works in critical and creative relation/tension with technology, opening diverse possibilities for transdisciplinary communication with researchers in the field of science and engineering. The Incomputable is a project that investigates the genealogies of interrelation between cybernetics and subjectivity, and the resonances of this relation within the contemporary conditions of data-driven culture. The Incomputable have invited OMG to realize a week long artistic residency, Matters of Facts. Through four different working methods – Engineering Fictions, the Diagram Reading Group, Logic Gate Diagram and the Incomputable GlossaryMatters of Facts will connect scientists and non-scientists, experts and non-experts exploring the relationship between facts, computation, algorithms, poetics and politics contributing to the TU Graz based Research Hub.

Through conversation and series of short presentations the evening will explore the methodologies employed by members of OMG to interrogate the ways in which particular forms of knowledge present themselves as part of a search for truth and/or as a justification for particular actions in the world. Projects will be discussed with Dejan Markovic, visual artist and researcher for The Incomputable, as well as discussions of Grazer Kunstverein’s current exhibition TTOPOLOGY with artist Dennis McNulty and research project What Where by the Department of Ultimology. Visiting participants of OMG include Fiona McDermott, Tom O’Dea, Jessica Foley, Linda Doyle, Cliona Harmey, Fiona McDonald and Dennis McNulty.


The lecture is part of the TU Research Hub in the framework of the art-based research project The Incomputable and is supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF-PEEK)OMG are supported by CONNECT, Ireland's research centre for future networks and communications based at Trinity College Dublin. The Grazer Kunstverein is kindly hosting this open and discursive event. 




'Matters of Facts' <br>The Orthogonal Methods Group <br>in Conversation with <br> Dejan Markovic