'Matters of Facts'
The Orthogonal Methods Group


Dennis McNulty in collaboration with Bea McMahon, detail view of See what surfaces, TTOPOLOGY, 2018. Photo by Christine Winkler


Artist Residency Program in the framework of the art-based research project The Incomputable

Matters of Facts is a series of workshops, talks and screenings developed by the Orthogonal Methods Group (OMG) that explores the relationship between facts, computation, algorithms, poetics and politics. The series explores the ways in which particular forms of knowledge present themselves as part of a search for truth and/or as a justification for particular actions in the world. This series poses questions and provides a platform for conversations on the role of mathematics, measurement, language and statistics in describing reality and shaping society, particularly in relation to the role of computerised algorithmic mediation and governance in people’s lives today. Taking place over the course of a week, 22 - 25 October 2018 at the Graz University of Technology, Matters of Fact aims to bring together academics and non-academics from various fields, within diverse formats and working methods.

The Orthogonal Methods Group with Grazer Kunstverein and IZK TU Graz will host a number of talks, workshops, screenings and hangouts to explore, articulate and map Matters of Facts:   


The Orthogonal Methods Group (OMG) is a research platform within CONNECT that works in critical and creative relation/tension with technology. The broad purpose is to generate knowledges, insights and alternative research orientations across disciplines that are sometimes organised and/or perceived to be mutually exclusive. OMG aim is to share ideas, raise questions and encourage dialogue (of technology) within CONNECT and with wider publics. They employ various methodologies according to the demands and context of inquiry, including practice-based, experimental, philosophical, processual and collaborative approaches.

OMG members participating include Fiona McDermott, Tom O’Dea, Jessica Foley, Linda Doyle, Cliona Harmey, Fiona McDonald and Dennis McNulty.

Matters of Facts will be realized in the framework of the artistic research project The Incomputable funded by FWF-PEEK. OMG are supported by CONNECT, Ireland's research centre for future networks and communications based at Trinity College Dublin. The Grazer Kunstverein is kindly hosting a discursive event.