Logic Gate Session
by Tom O’Dea


Crime Risk Forecasting (Patent Application) Palantir Technologies Inc. 2017


Workshop within the Artist Residency Program "Matters of Facts" in the framework of the project The Incomputable 

Thinking, visualizing and mapping what is taken as given in computational cultures with Tom O’Dea

Logic Gate Session explores in an experimental format algorithmic decision making processes. The workshop wants the participants to think through discussions, models, drawings, inferences and correlations on workings of algorithms in the realm of indefinite decisions and scenarios. It would like to bring together experts and non-experts to create possible decision making models based on specific questions. The group constellation shall determine the final output of the workshop.

Discussion of algorithms
The debate between simple mathematical structures (e.g. sorting algorithms) v complex manifold systems with human input and tuning (e.g. google search, facebook ranking. This section will look at some algorithms from hospital triage to the work of artist such asHeath Bunting.

Discussion of predictive algorithms - producing answers for unknown questions
This will discuss the change from model based (explicit) decision making to the use of statistical (implicit) approaches such as machine learning in which the decision are made in black boxes.

Trying to model a question with a group
Brief discussion of how we might develop an explicit system to model a question - how this may already include the implicit in our decision process.


Tom O'Dea is an artist and practice-based researcher at CONNECT. His work focuses on the political implications of computing technologies and data structures and is usually manifest in a combination of sculptural and data based forms. He holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin and a masters degree in Digital Media from the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, NUIG.

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