Trembling Streets - A Guided Tour

Image: Ana-Mary Vadlja

Image: Ana-Mary Vadlja


Guided Tour

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Meeting point: Cafe Wolf, 10:00

All architecture is political. - Michael Sorkin

Come and tremble with us! We would like to invite you to join us on a guided tour through the streets and places of Annenstraße. We will encounter stories and unpack relations of the street that scale from a crack in the wall, from biospheres thriving in the most unlikely places, to signs, stones, vitrines, and violences enacted on the material and immaterial worlds of life. We will be here and elsewhere, amidst the chaos of capitalism fostered by architecture, politics, and art.

The tour is developed and structured through the research and artistic work of students of the IZK - Institute for Contemporary Art, in the Design of Specialized Topics course Trembling Streets: Investigative Materialities in an Apocalyptic World, led by Philipp Sattler. 

The tour takes place on Annenstraße and within the exhibiting space of Annenstrasse 53, in a collaboration between the IZK - Institute for Contemporary Art and Das Gesellschaftliche Ding. Kunst, Architektur und Öffentlichkeit. 


Student works we will visit: 

Lamija Basic Encountering Order: A walk through Annenstraße

Erna Ćostović The Plinth Classification

Sara Travar LOST TREE [Degradation of Nature]

Zeljka Fajfar The Skin

Dorotea Josić Minor threat, major threat

Andrea Landeka Aucuba made history

Mirza Tricic Plant´s anthropocentric story

Klaudia Koren The Shopping Cart Chronicles 

Marija Lovric Save in foil skin

Ana-Marija Vidovic Where people stop building, that’s where animals start

Markus Schmoltner Capitalism and Urban Growth

Ivana  Sandalj Arbor Morbus 

Adna Basanovic The Showcase

Ana-Mary Vadlja and Nadica Stanojevic No stone unturned - Investigating Materials


The project Annenstrasse 53, run by Das Gesellschaftliche Ding. Kunst, Architektur und Öffentlichkeit, is part of the KUNSTRAUM STEIERMARK fellowship programme of Land Steiermark and supported by steirischer herbst ‘21, Land Steiermark, Abteilung 9 Kultur, Europa, Sport, and the City of Graz, Kulturamt.


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Trembling Streets - A Guided Tour