IZK Theory Lecture Series

In 2015 the Institute of Contemporary Art established the IZK Theory Lecture and IZK Artist Talk Series as an interface for understanding teaching and exhibiting as a public matter where artist presentation, research, investigation, and the academic program interconnect international authors, students, art institutions, and the committed audience. The IZK Artist Talk Series is a means to introduce, on the one hand, (academic) artistic research outside of the university and present it to the wider audience and, on the other, instigate responsibility towards the public and society. The IZK Theory Lecture Series is a way to bring into the discourse around the institute (both within the university and in the public) that which is fundamental for investigations and close to themes present at the institute. Both lecture series involve a continuous collaboration with local institutions in Graz while stepping outside the academic parameters. This format is supported by Stadt Graz and Land Steiermark.

In close collaboration with local art institutions such as the Camera AustriaKunsthaus Graz, Grazer Kunstverein- Center for Contemporary ArtKünstlerhaus Graz and Forum Stadtpark, Milica Tomic have developed a project addressing questions of contemporary discursive art praxis beyond established exhibition formats as a series of public encounters with curators, artists, art theorists, architects, and art historians. The program connects the wider public and the local art and cultural scene and enjoys high popularity. It brought, and continues to bring international academic positions towards contemporary art production to the city of Graz. In its second year (2018/2019) the format continues to be supported by Stadt Graz and Land Steiermark.




marina vishmidt lecture poster photo

Marina Vishmidt , Entropy and Atrophy: Non-Identity in Non-Essential Infrastructure. 06.12.2022



Jackqueline Frost, The Rumor of the Earth: Nuclear Imperialism and Caribbean Ecology. 22.11.2022


branislav robert smithson

Branislav Dimitrijević, Indeterminate Certainty, Determinate Uncertainty: Robert Smithson and the Geological Turn. 20.10.22



Samia Henni, Colonial Impositions and Their Non-Effects: The Problem of French Domestic Norms and Forms in Colonized Algeria. 05.05.2022



Ifor Duncan, Sara Garzon, Melissa Messina, Carmen Lael Hines, Iman Datoo, Lily Moebes

REPAIR Lectures. 29.11.-03.12.2021



Angelika Hinterbrandner, am i actually an architect? new models of architecting. 18.11.2021



Łukasz Stanek, From Eastern Europe to Africa: Women Architects in the Global Cold War. 27.10.2021 


Screenshot 2022-12-02 141140

Marcell Mars, Distributed Resources versus Distributed Tech. 23.06.2021



David Frohnapfel, Alleviative Objects: Solidarity & Conflict in the Art World of Port-au-Prince. 05.05.2021



Nina Kolowratnik, The Language of Secret Proof: Indigenous Truth and Representation. 21.04.2021


potential history

Ariella Azoulay, Wayne Modest, Annenstrasse 53, Opening Statement. 16.12.2020


energoprojektDubravka Sekulić, Constructing Non-Alignment. 17.09.2020


Central Perspectives

Bas Princen, Central Perspectives. 21.05.2019


Hot Iron_Cover

Adrià Julià, ''Hot Iron” and “Hot Iron Marginalia”. 22.05.2018


Linguistic Landscapes_Cover

Kevin Kenjar, Linguistic Landscapes and Ideological Horizons. 12.12.2017


Pedagogy Playgrounds and Pavilions

Nils Norman, Pedagogy, Playgrounds and Pavilions. 08.11.2017


Exhibiting the Thing_Cover

Branislav Dimitrijević, Exhibiting the Thing: A Short History of Thinking About the Modes of Display. 13.03.2017


Beyond Sociliat Modernism_Cover

Branislav Dimitrijević, Beyond Socialist Modernism, “New Artistic Practice” in Yugoslavia in the Sixties and the Seventies. 13.03.2017


Detroit Resists_Cover

Andrew Herscher, Detroit Resists and Architecture in Resistance. 12.10.2016


Black and Blight_Cover

Andrew Herscher, Black and Blight. 11.10.2016


Learning From Leaving Las Vegas

Andrej Dolinka, Learning from Leaving Las Vegas. SS2016


Violence at the Threshold of Detectability

Eyal Weizman, Violence at the Threshold of Detectability. 25.04.2016


RiminiProtokoll_One Archive One Document_Cover2

Daniel Grúň, Kathrin Rhomberg, Dieter Roth – Július Koller. Distant Proximities? 20.01.2016


from the politics of memory to the memory of politics

Andrew Herscher, From the Politics of Memory to the Memory of Politics. 22.06.2015


Cover _ Komuna Fundamento

Wilfried Kuehn, Komuna Fundamento. Graz Architecture Lectures '15, 21.05.2015


IZK Theory Lecture Series