Dieter Roth – Július Koller.
Distant Proximities?

Kathrin Rhomberg and Daniel Grúň will focus on two artists – Dieter Roth and Július Koller. The main issue will be a particular way how these artists built their archives in the frame of their artistic practices, how they collected and accumulated objects of everyday cultures. The lecture will focus on issues such as the objecthood and narrative pattern in archiving the everyday cultures, self-documentation and self-historicisation. The lecture will consist of screening the archival material and discussing with students. The main goal of the lecture/conversation is to provide students with a deeper insight into the process of curatorial decisions, questions concerning the selection of works and spatial solutions in exhibition making. The additional topic of the discussion will be about the impact these artists have on the younger generation of artists and the necessity to communicate their thoughts to a broader audience. They will be compared with work by such distinctive artists as Christoph Schlingensief and Roman Ondák. Following questions will be raised: Where lies the dividing line between art object and archival document? What is the legacy of archives created by artists of the Neo-Avant-Garde? How could museums follow the logic and agenda developed by these artists?



Dieter Roth – Július Koller. <br/> Distant Proximities?