Jochen Gerz – Working with the Public

 Book Presentation & Floor Talk

Following the presentation of the new book Jochen Gerz – Arbeit mit der Öffentlichkeit (working with the public) the floor talk at the Faculty of Architecture's Institute for Contemporary Art will focus on several central themes: What are artistic methods that can enable the positioning of recollections in the present? Which role do we, as society, assume in this process?

Among the artists who are distinctly concerned with memorial culture in their work, Jochen Gerz is taking a central position within the design of counter monuments.

With his work 63 Jahre danach (63 years after) in Graz and Styria (2010-2014) he was directly addressing the public and has invited the people to assume authorship. Politicians were involved in the process just as well as the readers of a Graz daily newspaper.

Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna
216 pages, German/English, 287 images
ISBN 978-3-903004-95-5

Edited by Werner Fenz, with texts by Paolo Bianchi, Werner Fenz, Heimo Halbrainer, Barbi Marković and Milica Tomić.

Partners: Steirische Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik - GKP · Kunst im öffentlichen Raum / Art in Public Spaces Steiermark · Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna




Jochen Gerz – Working with the Public