Presentation: The Mother of All Nodal Points

The Mother of All Nodal Points: The Coming Singularity and Other (Non)Fictions
Join us for the presentation of this year's IZK’s course ‘Knowledge Forms’, focusing on the relation between knowledge, science and technology, from the perspective of speculative fiction and, arguably, the coming technological singularity. The presentation envelops around the hypothetical advent of artificial intelligence in which computers and computer networks would have the capacity of self-redesigning and the creation of new, improved AI.

The spatial arrangement of the presentation is comprised of three interconnected segments: The 'Reading/Viewing Station' includes the fragments from science fiction texts by William Gibson, Octavia Butler and Stanislaw Lem; the cinematic pieces by Chris Marker and Andrei Tarkovsky and the texts by Donna Harraway and Darko Suvin.

The 'Listening Station' segment consists of selected interviews we conducted throughout the duration of the course, with the scientists and researchers in algorithms, AI development, computer vision and robotics - based at the Graz University of Technology and beyond.

The four 'Research/Learning Stations', corresponding to 4 working groups, enfold through four graphic and media maps. These serve as a learning and discussion tool for navigating the topics in dialogue with the invited guests and visitors.

The stations are: 'Extraterrestrial Humanity', 'Solidarity in Singularity?', 'Science Fiction as Cognition' and 'Xenogenesis: Always Already an Alien'.

The presentation of the 4 groups will take place in four 30 min. blocks from 17.00 – 19.00 and will be followed by a discussion and Q & A moderated by Visiting Professor Antonia Majaca. The venue will remain open until 21.00 for conversations, music and drinks on the terrace.

With: Matthias Assinger, Anna Maria Bagaric, Felicitas Basting, Laura-Nefeli Chromecek, Kathrin Eingang, Sandra Freudenthaler, Daniel Hubmann, Lea Kristina Kaltschmidt, Michael Klaura, Nina Kreuzer, Flora Kropf, Irene Lerchegger, Gilbert Murrer, Jasmine Papst, Alisa Pekic, Anto Petrusic and Nuša Tušek. Course Convenor: Antonia Majaca.

Presentation: The Mother of All Nodal Points