Exhibiting Matters - Triangulation

Exhibiting Matters. Triangulation
A Series of Public Encounters

Exhibiting Matters. Triangulationpositions the city of Graz at the core of a new understanding of exhibiting. The relations of art and urban space are explored as space of curatorial potentiality. Exhibiting Matters. Triangulation is understood as a process and methodology that opens new perspectives on the city of Graz by opening the public space towards the city as exhibition space. The project postulates that a public and publicness has to be actively created and understands exhibiting as creating and exposing a temporary discursive space that allows for thinking and discussing with people of diverse backgrounds. By putting into relation exhibiting practice, curatorial research and artistic work the project explores how such forms shape and change spatial, curatorial and institutional aspects of exhibiting. Developing from the historic relevance of the city of Graz as a space that produces and amalgamates contemporary international art positions, the project establishes an interdisciplinary framework organised around three key concepts: organism, protocol and archive. By triangulating these three conceptual focal points within the urban space of Graz the project opens the city as a display and site of encounter of the local art scene and a contemporary international context, opening the developing discourse to an interested public in collaboration with local partners and institutions.

The project is supported financially by the City of Graz, Cultural Office and the Styrian Government, Dept. 9 – Culture, Europe, Foreign Relations


Death Drives ho Rui An _ Cover

Ho Rui An, Death Drives and Coin Test China High-Speed Rail Videos. 26.11.2019


Ross Exo Adams Landscapes of Post History

Ross Exo Adams, Landscapes of Post-History. 27.11.2019


Museum of cAPITALISM-Cover

FICTILIS, Prehistory of a Museum of Capitalism. 30.01.2020




Exhibiting Matters - Triangulation