Unlearning Photography



In line with our general theme of unlearning, this semester, in Visual and Sonic Practice, students will be encouraged to question their own photographic practice. Evolving from a highly specialised process that was reserved for the few, photography has grown to become one of the most used communication tools in daily life. Within the course, students will be asked to explore their own photographic archives in order to re-discover and decipher their own images. They will be asked to assess how they use the medium and for what reasons. Research into the roots and history of photography will also play a key role in the process of unlearning. Students will develop an understanding of how photography transitioned from a manual to a digital process, and what this means for its use today.

Depending on the students interests this “digital” semester, approaches can include:

-Unlearn one’s own photographic practice by means of archival work

-Unlearn the photographic process and develop a “home cooked” method

-Unlearn the way images are shared

-Unlearn the way we look at images of our surroundings