In Search of Movement

In search of movement

“Objects in a park suggest static repose rather than any ongoing dialectic.”Robert Smithson

In a seemingly still landscape we search for movement. A revealed movement becomes a sign of life, further exposing a potential process of transformation. In turn, the understanding of a transformation unveils the truth. Through a cinema inspired investigation and study of movement, and the very challenge of its representation through different mediums and techniques, we will attempt to explore the underlying processes and themes that hide in the landscape that surrounds us. Within the course, the students will be presented with a simple challenge to capture movement, or its absence. Furthermore, by capturing movement, or its absence, students will investigate the significance of their discovery and the themes that underlie different relations within it. In order to undertake this seemingly simple study of movement, students will have the chance to further develop their media literacy and will have the freedom to employ different mediums such as sound recording, photography, and/or video. Each student or group will have the opportunity to present their final work to an open audience.