Returns of Knowledge(s)

Returns of Knowledge(s). Milica Tomic, 2011. Tummelplatz, Graz.
commissioned by Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark

 What knowledge are you trying to disqualify when you say that you are an expert, artist or scientist?

This year, the former course Artistic Design 1 and 2 will be named Artistic Practice 1 and 2, and will run with a thematic continuity throughout the year. The topic of the year, Returns of Knowledge(s), aims to invite students to look into both institutionalized and non-systematic knowledge production that challenges existing structures and resists political and ideological dominant systems of the cultural and artistic scene in Graz in the past decades.

The course will be focused on three cases in Graz: the Zeichensäle of the TUG Architecture Faculty, the Camera Austria and the recently in Austria initiated Silent University. Using similar methodologies, the 3 groups will conduct topic researches aiming to investigate those case studies. In the Summer Semester, 3 fanzines will be collectively produced and published by the end of June. In the Winter Semester, the material gathered throughout the Summer Semester will be revisited and exhibited in a form of research exhibition in a public venue by January 2018.