Public Session – The Recondite Archive. In Search of the Form that Speaks

On Addition and Subtraction: Forced Female Labour and Euthanasia Program. Case study Graz 1939 - .

By investigating the little known relations between the two paradigmatic medical institutions at the periphery of the Third Reich: Universitätsfrauenklinik (University Women Clinic) and the Feldhof Psychiatric Hospital in Graz, the research visualizes entanglements between the gynecological experiments conducted on female forced laborers and the T4 (forced euthanasia) program against the patients of the Feldhof psychiatric hospital.
The public session, construed through the combination of research material and live presentations and discussions, focuses on the overall mathematization of social relations not only when it comes to the totalitarian state of exception, but also in the context of contemporary biocapitalism.


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The course was supported by guest lecturers Daniel Grúň (Bratislava), Andrew Herscher (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Armin Linke (Milan/Berlin), Simon Oberhofer (Graz), Kathrin Rhomberg (Vienna), Anselm Wagner (Graz) and Daniel Wetzel/Rimini Protokoll (Athens/Berlin). Consultants were historians Florian Schwaninger and Norbert Weiss as well as political scientist Gabriele Czarnowski. Student researchers were Petra Balascakova, Ivica Dernaj, Michaela Dominek, Lorenzo Faggioni, Jessica Fleming, Amir Ihab Kozman, Beatriz Mafra, Brigitte Melek, Berina Ramic, Mauro Sirotnjak and the course convenors Antonia Majača and Milica Tomić. Further collaborators in the course project were the students of the workshop The Appearance of That which Cannot be Seen.


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Public Session – The Recondite Archive. In Search of the Form that Speaks