What Keeps You Awake? Urgency in Life and Art

Artistic Practice 2

Photo: Andraš Juhaš / Mašina


In a continuous lapse of inherited structures contemporary conditions incessantly herd, upend, and devour the individual across societies, and with the future trepidacious at best, this semester Artistic Practice II asks: What Keeps You Awake? The question is directly posed to you while the course, “What Keeps You Awake? Urgency in Life and Art” opens a space for discussion to develop an investigative artistic project during the semester. The course will encourage students to examine his/her/their various relations with the surroundings and (in)visible contexts and, with an effort to critically intervene, to develop a process of exploration, a concept or thesis, and forms of communication. The students will work in groups or individually, and at the end of the semester develop a collective exhibition outside of TU Graz.