The course is building on the basic knowledge and experience that students have acquired during the bachelor degree program in courses such as Artistic Practice 1 and Artistic Practice 2. The course Art and the Social embraces a variety of aspects of the relationships between art and society. The relation between art and social space is explored through challenging the notions of the concepts of 'public sphere', 'publicness' or 'public space', re-examining the connections of public and social areas with focus on art and architecture. It poses questions of social embeddedness of art and is pointing out, that to this effect there are no borders within social spheres such as economy, politics and culture, but that society is a complex conglomerate of relational processes and agencies. Against this backdrop, art is a field of particular forms of (social) production in a continuous reciprocating process with society as a whole, opening up the possibility to discuss and productively interpret these (inter)relations in multifaceted ways and through dedicated perspectives and instances, such as Art and Politics, The Economy of Art, Institutionalising Art, Art and War, Art and Science.