UMBRUCH. When objects are called to tell stories

Photo: Marko Stavrić, 2019

Photo: Marko Stavrić


How can cultural anthropological findings be translated into practice fields as art and architecture while looking into current societal and urban transformations and changes?

This seminar investigates how political, economic and cultural transformations that take place in the context and times of ecological and technological tectonic shifts are revealed, becoming visible and recognizable in the urban space? What tools does this provide for addressing these changes and which methods can be used to locate, identify and grasp them?

Through collaborative and dialogical forms of learning and teaching, the main focus will be on the interdisciplinary spatial production through art, architecture and cultural theoretical approaches (anthropology) while investigating neuralgic points of current societal and urban changes in the city of Graz.

In collaboration with KFU Center for Teaching Competence, Anthropology Department, Forum Stadtpark and other social, political and artistic actors in Graz.