Exhibition: In the Ruins of Deregulation - Thinking with Cinema Balkan

Exhibition - In the Ruins of Deregulation - Poster

Exhibition by students of the Master Studio in Summer Semester 2019

IZK Institute for Contemporary Art

Graz University of Technology, Austria


One of the most prominent features of the current moment is a continuous struggle between regulation and deregulation. Seen as an obstacle for progress, the states are under an increasing pressure to regulate the relationships in a society, so they seem deregulated. Such regulated deregulation is hidden behind many processes that shape everyday existence, most prominently in the transformation of the public into different modalities of private ownership, i.e. privatization and the corresponding change of use. In Summer Semester 2019, students of master studio course at IZK Institute for Contemporary Art investigated the effects of regulated deregulation on society and built environment, by using Cinema Balkan as a point of departure and an exhibiting destination.

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Cinema Balkan is considered both as cinema - the institution dedicated for the projection of media which is undergoing change, and as the building - public space for culture, caught in the permanent transformation of the property, societal, and heritage relations. Thinking with Cinema Balkan, and using artistic investigation as a method, the studio “In the Ruins of Deregulations” explored how regulations and deregulations define the spatial and institutional programs of culture, art, and architecture.

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The studio was focused on the question: what does it mean to artistically and architecturally intervene, in the context of transition, by inhabiting the space between regulation and deregulation? Who and what produces the ruins we are increasingly confronted in our everyday life? How do we imagine the space where film, culture, and public entangle today?

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After Belgrade, the exhibition “In the Ruins of Deregulation - Thinking with Cinema Balkan,” will move to Graz, where it will be part of Sommerfest, the annual exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture, Graz Technical University.

Students: Gustave Curtil, Milica Cvijetić, Amela Danner, Francois Decurtins, Manuel Fasch, Daniel Laggner, Emeline Louis, Tamara Novković, Jelena Obradović, Quentin Paillat, Lung Peng, Ettore Porretta, Emonda Shefiku, Juliana Straetz, Timotea Turk

Master studio convened by Milica Tomić and Dubravka Sekulić



The work on the exhibition benefited immensely from the generosity of people in Belgrade and Graz with whom the students interacted during the research workshop in Belgrade in April or during the semester in Graz. They are Dijana Adžemović-Anđelković, Vladimir Anđelković, Iva Čukić, Branislav Dimitrijević, Senka Domanović, Ksenija Dunjić, Bojana Ibrajter Gazibara, Stefan Ivančić, Anousheh Kehar, Bernard Konig, Milanka Janošević, Dragana Jovović, Viktor Kiš, Pavle Levi, Saša Marčeta, Iva Marčetić, Sarita Matijević, Simon Oberhofer, Anto Petrušić, Christopher Platz, Barbara Rauch, Ksenija Samardžija, Philip Satter, Marko Stavrić, Branimir Stojanović, Verica Sujić, Aleksandra Sević,  Jovana Timotijević, Stanislav Tomić, Stevan Vuković, Dragan Zdravković, and Želimir Žilnik


The exhibition is made in cooperation between IZK Institute for Contemporary Art, Graz Technical University and the Foundation Saša Marčeta.



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Exhibition: In the Ruins of Deregulation - Thinking with Cinema Balkan