Artistic Interventions in Public Space

Ligna: Walking the City, (c) Arthur Pequin

Ligna: Walking the City, (c) Arthur Pequin

 The theme of the seminar is centred around art in public space and the multifaceted forms it is taking, depending on the agenda of the respective protagonists and agents. Public space thereby may be understood as a construction in a state of constant change and negotiation, which consists of such diverse spheres as landscape and architecture, but also a wide spectrum of social and political interests.

In the seminar, questions are raised such as: What are the relationships between the various components and protagonists and where do artistic interventions meet the conventions of urban space and its social, political as well as cultural inscriptions? What are artistic strategies to deconstruct or reconstruct aspects of public space?

In the course of the explorations, different strategies of contemporary artistic practice are being examined and discussed, which reflect on the function levels of public space and its immanent fields of tension between upvaluation, dispossession and empowerment. The focus thereby is set mainly on artistic projects of temporary and/or time-based nature.