(un)learning spaces


illustration from Aaron Mader, Artistic Practice 1, summer 2017


Daniela Brasil in collaboration with Studio Magic // Patricia Wess & Thomas Kalcher

Continuing the work on IZK's year topic "Returns of Knowledge(s)", the course Artistic Practice 2 will try to further develop, visualise and eventually realize selected ideas from the course Artistic Practice 1 – "Which are our silent universities?". In this course students have investigated the ways in which they imagine the ideal architecture schools - the ones that fulfill their learning expectations. To name the most recurrent wishes, these schools should respond to needs such as experiencing real challenges in the real world,  learning in the city and in different countries, working sensitively to local cultural and political specificities, intensive exchange in peer-to-peer networks, learning-by-doing and finally building in 1:1 scale. Proposals as "The Art to Build College" (Factik, Ljubiangkic, Mader, Mayr, Stockhauser) "Global Pluriversity" (Katona, Kienreich) and "Architecs-in-residency" (Lindtner) will be developed further, conceptually, spatially and graphically.

There were be two groups:

1-  GRAPHICS/ PRINTING  will work with visual communication, using silk screen and other analogue printing techniques to communicate the projects ideas/ research to the public.
2- SPACES/ BUILDING will design and build 1:1 an experimental classroom, in collaboration with school children and elderly people, in a multigenerational setting.

The final outcomes were exhibited publicly in the HDA Haus der Architektur in January 2018.