LOADING TERMINAL - Poetry reading and conversation



Danny Hayward and Marina Vishmidt

May 24, 18:00 CET
Annenstrasse 53,


I want to hate more and more graphically the devastation of the concepts that now collapse into resentful anxiety about borders and the impoverished people who die on the wrong sides of them, and I want the sickness to be historical, a lesson learned in the nerves from the intricate history in which the desire for communism pursued through struggle led to so many accomplishments beyond our power of anticipation. I want the sickness to flare up in the communism that sickens me by virtue of its exclusion of exactly that sensation, along with so much else of what happened in the period that separates the present from its decades-old doppelganger. What is there now besides bad options?

~ Danny Hayward, Wound Building


Danny Hayward writes poetry and criticism. He is also author of People (Mountain, 2013), Pragmatic Sanction (Materials, 2015), and I/II (Shit Valley, 2017), and his book of poetry criticism, Wound Building, is available for free at punctum press. His poetry is archived along with works by other current practitioners at the poetry archive Free Trials.

Marina Vishmidt is a writer and editor, teaching at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her writing has appeared in South Atlantic Quarterly, Artforum, Afterall, e-flux journal, and Radical Philosophy, among others. She is currently editing a reader on speculation for the Documents of Contemporary Art series (forthcoming in 2022). With Kerstin Stakemeier she is co-author of Reproducing Autonomy: Work, Money, Crisis and Contemporary Art (2016) and her book Speculation as a Mode of Production: Forms of Value Subjectivity in Art and Capital was published in 2018.


LOADING TERMINAL - Poetry reading and conversation