Four Faces of Omarska: Open Video Sequence

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Milica Tomić, Four Faces of Omarska, 2020, film still.


The Monument, as an object of public memory in the post-historical age, becomes an impossible object. And more precisely, if it does exist, it is rather a monument to oblivion than to remembrance; rather an object that threatens than one upon which our gaze can calmly rest so as to experience it as the screen of (a) memory which hides the trauma to which it is dedicated. Moreover, the monument is a trauma for-itself and in-itself.

—Branimir Stojanovic


Four Faces of Omarska is an investigative memorialization praxis and a platform engaged in exploring the strategies of memorial production from the position of those whose experience and knowledge have been subjugated, rejected, and excluded from public memory and public history. 


Four Faces of Omarska is a film by Milica Tomić.

Monument is a collaboration between e-flux Architecture and Het Nieuwe Instituut.

The film is currently available to watch on e-flux Architecture:



Four Faces of Omarska: Open Video Sequence