Nayarí Castillo-Rutz

Nayarí Castillo-Rutz was born in 1977 in Venezuela and is a molecular biologist and artist. She received an MFA in Contemporary Visual Systems from the Art University of Caracas, Venezuela, a MFA in Public Art and is a PhD candidate in Fine Arts, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany. Castillo-Rutz has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions in cities including Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Miami, NY, Salzburg, Budapest, among others. She has won multiple prizes and bursaries including the First Prize in the 62th National Contest Arturo Michelena in Venezuela. At present she lives and works in Graz where she teaches contemporary art and works as an installation artist. Using video, text, objects and photography as tools of communication, her installation work relies on site-specific constructs firmly attached to travelling concepts. Her interventions engage with history, time and space, claiming semantic links where ancient tools and contemporary devices combine into one discourse. She is a founding member of the Daily Rhythms Collective, an artist initiative focused on integration through artistic methodologies and sensitive cartographies.