Srdjan Hercigonja

Srdjan photo 2

Srdjan Hercigonja graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences (International Politics), University of Belgrade, where he also finished MA studies in International Security. He was an intern in Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and in UNDP/SEESAC. With expertise in international relations, human rights, transitional justice and memory activism, Srdjan worked as Research Assistant for the Center for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University, London, and he is working within the Working Group Four Faces of Omarska, as well as on projects dealing with the memory activism, and consequences of political and economic transition in post-Yugoslav countries. Apart from working on research projects dealing with the post-conflict developments in the Western Balkans, Srdjan is also a member of FutureLab Europe (with European Policy Centre in Brussels as operational partner), and is a member of the European Fund for the Balkans Community. At the moment, Srdjan works as a junior researcher at the Center for Comparative Conflict Studies from Belgrade.