StadtMacherInnen Wolfsberg

The cooperating initiatives at StadtMacherInnen Wolfsberg work on creating networks and bundling existing resources in order to organize a dense cultural program in downtown Wolfsberg.

Since the premiere of the program in December 2016, StadtMacherInnen has been coordinating the commitments and competences of the initiatives Bunte Küche and Kultur im Fluss, musicians of the Wolfsberg music school, visual artists, Stadtmarketing Wolfsberg, Kärntner Sparkasse, as well as numerous private persons. Together they have implemented more than 200 events in the Wolfsberg city center. The primary goals have been and still are to offer art and culture promoters in the city center of Wolfsberg an exciting presentation framework and to inspire the people of Lavanttal to engage with art and culture. In the longer term, the partners of the campaign aim to permanently reposition Wolfsberg's city center and make it more attractive for visitors. The events organized by StadtMacherInnen include exhibitions, concerts, performances, graffiti workshops, the Multi-Kulti Fest, the Hoffest, open air events, a flea market, open singing, feel-good knitting, open studios, the kunstDiskonter and many more.