Exhibiting Matters - Exploring Other Formats

Exhibiting Matters. Exploring Other Formats   
A Series of Public Encounters


The project Exhibiting Matters opens the possibility to bring the work of IZK-Institute for Contemporary Art to an interested public by establishing relations to the local Graz art scene. The IZK is uniquely positioned to create these connections as it is the only institution offering an academic program in Contemporary Art at university level in Graz. The project Exhibiting Matters. Exploring Other Formats thus, became an interface that brought international artistic positions to the local artistic and social context, while creating a connection between students, local art institutions and an interested public. Together with Grazer Kunstverein and Camera Austria, it was possible to host a series of public encounters that brought internationally acclaimed curators, art historians and theoreticians to Graz.


The project was supported financially by the City of Graz, Cultural Office and the Styrian Government, Dept. 9 – Culture, Europe, Foreign Relations




Vincent Normand, The Open Secrets of Exhibitions. 01.02.2018

Ines Weizman, The Ethics of Plumbing. 13.03.2018

Jelena Vesic, The Artistic Life of the Pioneer Plaque: the Exposure of Universal Humans, Spacecraft As Gallery, Cordially Meeting the Others... 14.03.2018

Petar Milat, Tiny Objects of Survival. 20.03.2018

Andrea Palasti, A Walk Through the Zoo. 21.03.2018