Laboratory for Visual and Sonic Practice




by Armin Linke with Simon Oberhofer

The IZK Photo and Video Lab is a space equipped with both digital and analogue equipment to be used for production of photographs, as well as for recording of video and sound. The space also offers all facilities necessary for analogue photography postproduction, such as the dark room, where black and white and color films of any format can be developed, and the individual working areas with desktop computers suitable for fast and easy photo, video and sound editing using the latest softwares. The space is also equipped with a Canon Plotter suitable for printing large format HQ photographs and posters. All the equipment from the Photo and Video lab, as well as the space itself are at the disposal to students and stuff of TU Graz to be used and rented out during opening hours. Appointment by email is necessary.

Facilities offered in Photo and Video Lab:

  • Photo Developing - Dark Room
  • Photo, Video & Sound Editing (IMac, Adobe Suit CS6, DaVinci, Rhino, Autocad etc.)
  • Scanning
  • Fine Art Printing
  • Photo-Vacuum
  • Lending the equipment

The concept for the photo and video lab was established by a visiting professor Armin Linke in collaboration with Simon Oberhofer, and is part of the growing trajectories, a methodical and didactic tool introduced by the series of visiting professors, which became an integral part of the teaching process at the institute. Equipment from the lab is being used as a didactic tool in the work of IZK, giving students a chance to work with the latest technology for photo, video and sound production, as well as to get familiar with the analogue processes of photo production and post-production, which are not so accessible nowdays.

For the list of equipment available for lending please contact via email.