Dejan Sretenović


PhD Dejan Sretenović is art historian, writer and curator. Works at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. His field of research covers Yugoslav and international avant-garde and neo-avant-garde, conceptual art, experimental film, contemporary art and visual culture. Curated exhibitions include Fluxus in Belgrade (2014), Cinema by other means (2013), Goran Djordjević: Copies 1979-1986 (2011), On normality. Art in Serbia 1989-2001 (2005), Black Body, White Masks (2004), Conversations (2001), Video Art in Serbia (1999), The Gaze Scenes (1995). In 2003 he was co-curator of the Pavillion of Serbia and Montenegro at the 50th Venice Biennial. Publications include books The Art of Appropriation (2013), Raša Todosijević. Was ist Kunst? (2002) and Art in Yugoslavia 1992-1995 (1997). He edited several volumes including International Exhibition of Modern Art featuring Alfred Barr’s Museum of Modern Art, New York (2003) and New Readings of the Icon (1999). His writings appeared in numerous catalogues, journals and books in the country and abroad.