Assistant Professor
Daniela Brasil

Daniela works between the fields of art and urbanism; with artistic and spatial practices that focus on horizontal and emotional forms of exchanging knowledge and know-how; unlearning hegemonic/western thoughts, behaviors and representations. Her main projects have cultivated different forms of creative collaborations fostering active exercises of citizenship, but also mixing art and life, work and pleasure - towards a new economy of creativity and time. Her classes explore participatory and collaborative exercises, bodily experiences that enhance sensuous perceptions, as well as critical reflections on the role that each one of us play in the everyday construction of our cities and societies.

She has received a PhD and a Master of Fine Arts in public art at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, after studying art, urbanism and architecture in Lisbon, Barcelona, Oxford and Rio de Janeiro. She was the TUGraz coordinator for implementation of the Master of Media Arts and Practices in the Academy of Applied Arts - University of Rijeka, Croatia and the School of Arts - University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, for the EU funded Life Long Learning project - ADRIART from 2011-14. She has curated and coordinated various transdisciplinary and collaborative projects in urban spaces, as f.e. "Aquatopia - the children's research submarine" held in Graz and Viena 2013, "KoCA Inn" held in Weimar 2009, and "Corpocidade 1", held in Salvador da Bahia 2008.