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Research, as a crucial element in the approach to art education and the construction of  artistic practice in its rapidly developing forms, requires reconsideration in its very terminology - especially artistic research in relation to arts education, arts practice and the ways in which research is curated and exhibited. IZK develops a programme that seeks to improve contemporary understandings of these dynamics, retaining the learning and testing of new research approaches in art, science and education at its core.

At the moment, the wider scope of the Learning Space is in development. However, additional and accompanying information on the current core courses of IZK are available for the students under the respective semester below.

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Summer Semester 2018

155.808 · art and the social 


Winter Semester 2017/18

155.517 · (un)learning spaces

[Artistic Practice 2 | Former course title: Artistic Design 2]

155.806 · a critical construction report, graz 2017

[Knowledge Forms]

155.808 · a hidden abode of art production

[Art and the Social]


Summer Semester 2017

155.546 · Which are our Silent Universities?

[Artistic Practice 1 | Former course title: Artistic Design 1]


Winter Semester 2016/17

155.547 · New Graz Dinner Party
[Artistic Design 2 | Future course title: Artistic Practice 2]

155.513 · Amateur Librarian
[Workshop 1]

155.802 · The Architecture of Inhuman. A dialogue with machines
[Contemporary Art Production | Future course title: Knowledge Forms]

155.801 · Walking, a Critical Inquiry
[Artistic Interventions in Public Space | Future course title: Art-based Investigation]

155.804 ·  Exhibiting as a Research Method
[Art and Public | Future course title: Art and the Social]


Summer Semester 2016

155.508 · Design of Specialised Topics

155.514 · Workshop 2

155.546 · Artistic Design 1

155.801 · Artistic Interventions in Public Space

155.803 · Laboratory for Visual Practice

155.804 · Art and Public


Winter Semester 2015/16

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 155.547 · Artistic Design 2

155.777 · Integral Design Studio

155.801 · Artistic Interventions in Public Space

155.802 · Contemporary Art Production

 155.804 · Art and Public